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Easy DIY Orchid Mounting

Orchids, orchids, everywhere! Living in tropical climates, like Hawaii, grants us the luxury of moving our flowery friends outdoors. There may be a point in your orchid obsession where every table, windowsill and shelf in your home is filled with these special plants. If you find yourself with limited “real estate” for the new orchids […]

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We’ve got worms! (Worm vermicompost that is!)

What is Vermicompost? Vermicomposts, also known as Worm Castings are the best natural fertilizer in the world! Vermicompost is made from the castings of compost worms, special types of earthworms that eat food scraps and green waste and poop out nutrient dense humus. Worm castings are pH neutral (7), rich in nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, […]

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