7 New Offerings To Make 2016 Your Most Rewarding Gardening Year Ever!

Happy New Year!

Hello friends! We’re excited to share with you what we have been working on for 2016. We will be expanding our product offerings to become a full-service “one-stop-shop” garden center for our customers. Yay! Here are some specifics in the works:

3 New Essential Gardening Supplies

  • We have expanded our selection of organic fertilizers, and are now very excited to now offer Henrikus Organics products in various sizes and varieties! In addition to granular fertilizers, we will start selling compost tea!  Zoli is our brew master. Stay tuned for a blog post that will give you all the details!
  • We are now offering all organic pest control products (insecticides, fungicides, snail bait, ant bait, rat bait, etc.).

The above items will complement our current selection of great (and Hawaii Local!) soil amendments including Organic compost, potting soil, and cinders.


You’ve Asked, We’re Providing: An Expanded Selection of Plants and NEW Colorful Annuals!

  • By customer request, starting this Spring we will start offering a selection of colorful annuals. The annuals available will vary by month, but we plan to consistently have New Guinea Impatiens, Vinca, Begonias, and Marigolds, to name a few.
  • Our big goal for 2016 is to break ground on our new greenhouse.  Once built, our propagation space will be doubled, which will allow us to keep up with growing demand and also allow space to test out new plant varieties!

3 New Services To Make Your Landscaping Projects Easy & Rewarding

  • Compost & Gravel Delivery – We have increased our nursery staff & storage areas, and purchased a new delivery truck to allow us to schedule same or next-day deliveries on many products!
  • Online Plant Catalog – We will be launching an online plant catalog that will allow everyone to see our current inventory and pricing. The entire catalog will be searchable as well as categorized for easy browsing.
  • Gardening Workshops – This year we plan to hold 2-3 workshops at the nursery, topics and dates TBD. Sign up to our email list and get early notification of workshop availability and registration.

So basically, in a nutshell, we are stoked! The nursery has been doing great and the feedback we receive is so encouraging. In 2016, we’re giving you more of what you want.

What do you think of all these new offerings?

Please tell us in the comments below ↓ or send us a message!


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