A Thanksgiving Mahalo for Plants

Hau’oli Lā Ho’omaika’i!  We here at Kauai Seascapes Nursery are thankful for so many things!  We thought we would share a fun blog with you about PLANTS that we are thankful to have in our lives for various reasons.  Each of us are plant-loving individuals so it was very difficult to narrow down to just one single plant. We hope our crew’s choices will entertain you! Read on for our responses when posed the question, “What plant are you thankful for having in your life?”.

Karen is appreciating Tulsi-Holy Basil.  Tulsi Basil boosts the immune system and relieves pain in general.  It’s a great natural, stress-reliever!  “It also makes an awesome tea, no need add sugar!”  Karen knows best!  We all can learn a lot from Auntie Karen’s Medicine Chest.


Alli says mahalo for Comfrey this Thanksgiving.  Alli describes comfrey as a “SUPER PLANT!”.  Comfrey comes from the Latin word for “grow together” and has been used to stop heavy bleeding, heal wounds, bruises, and broken bones.  Comfrey is also a bioaccumulator- it draws nitrogen and calcium from the soil and makes it available to other plants nearby.  Let’s just say if you were a plant, you would want Comfrey as your neighbor!  You can also chop comfrey leaves and use as a nitrogen and calcium rich mulch.


Jody‘s grateful for Star Jasmine.  She especially loves to cut blooming branches and bring them inside.  “It makes my whole house smell AMAZING!”  Who needs aerosol air fresheners in Hawaii when we have jasmines, gardenias, and roses galore to aromatize our hales?!


Sam admires the Bird of Paradise.  The vibrant colors and elegant shape of the flower are unparalleled in the plant world!


Joni‘s favorite season?  Lychee season!  It is a time of year she eagerly awaits as lychee are special treats!  “I could eat pounds and pounds- love them!”  Fortunately, lychee season is not during Thanksgiving so Joni will still have room for turkey dinner and all the sides!


Mary’s mahalo goes to anthuriums.  She has numerous beautiful anthuriums in her yard.  She adores the purple colored blooms the most- like this one she photographed at home.  “There are so many colors, they are always blooming, different sizes and shapes, and are low-maintenance with easy care,” Mary explains.  When Mary does have time to work in her garden, she appreciates low-maintenance type plants!  Don’t we all? 

Roxanne is thankful for Roses.  “Roses come in different colors and sizes and they smell so nice!”  Roxanne appreciates the roses at the nursery no matter the time of year.  On many an occasion Roxanne will wistfully proclaim, “I wish I could just work on the roses!”   We are thankful for Roxanne’s attention to her most-cherished plant.

Spencer says dhanyavaad (which Google tells me means “thank you” in India) to the India native Golden Shower Tree.  Spencer admires the cascading blooms and also thinks the trees are fun to climb!

Abigail has many reasons to be thankful for Lilikoi or Passionfruit.  A few of her favorite things: the passionflower can be extracted into a tincture that is a natural anti-depressant, the flowers are beautiful, and the fruit is delicious!  We sell the Purple and Yellow Lilikoi at the nursery regularly and sometimes have Jamaican Lilikoi too!


Emily is beholden to Coconut Trees due to the many, many uses of the coconut fruit!  Hydration, skin-care, nourishment, oil for cooking- the list goes on and on.  “And of course you can eat it, too.  It’s delicious!”, Emily adds.


Claudia pays tribute to Ginger this Thanksgiving.  She loves cooking with this spice as she finds it complements so many dishes.  Not to mention the plant itself is attractive!


Ama is indebted to Lemongrass.  “Lemongrass keeps the bugs away.”  Lemongrass is, in fact, a key ingredient in bug repellent.  Not only that but it is also used in cooking, aromatherapy, medicine, and is even an ingredient in some deodorants, soaps, and cosmetics.  Nice choice, Ama!


Holly sings praises of Black Sapote.  She loves “chocolate” and there are so many things to do with this tasty fruit!  Read more about Black Sapote in Holly’s Orchard blog.


Zoli is thankful for Breadfruit.  She says, “It’s the Giving Tree!  It provides food year-round!”  As  you will read, ulu or breadfruit can be used in a number of ways to substitute for other items in cooking.  Read Zoli’s blog for ideas and recipes cooking with breadfruit here.


Adrian sends meditative, appreciative vibes to the Borneo Giant Ape.  Adrian finds beauty and inspiration in the “elephant ear” foliage of the Borneo Giant alocasia.  This alocasia dwarfs the other plants nearby and is an eye-catching centerpiece that demands your attention.  Very inspiring indeed!


Steve expresses his gratitude for the Tomato plant.  Why?  “They make tomatoes and tomatoes are GREAT!”  (Steve’s answer made me want to ask Zoli to incorporate tomatoes into her Thanksgiving dinner blog.)


Serina‘s gratitude for Orchids is evident at the nursery.  “They are colorful and fun to have both indoors and out.  It is so exciting when they rebloom!”  Whether the orchid arbor or the numerous mounted orchids around the nursery, I don’t think there is an employee that doesn’t share in that same excitement at the appearance of a new bloom.

  Serina and the Pono Endorsement Program

For me, I struggled in my choice.  I was going to say potato because, well, you can make vodka out of potatoes and I am thankful for vodka.  But the truth is that many a plant contributes to beverages I enjoy (beer, wine, etc), so I went with a plant that always catches my eye in every place it is planted and that is the Hibiscus.  Variety is the spice of life and hibiscus offer that with their many, many shapes, sizes, and colors.  I enjoyed getting to know my co-workers thoughts on plants they were grateful for while writing this blog. I also took pleasure in the challenge of finding 20 different ways of saying someone is thankful.  If you are still reading at this point, please comment on our blog with the plant you are grateful for this Thanksgiving and why- we would so love to hear from you!  Cheers to a very Happy Thanksgiving!





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  1. Carol Courtney November 6, 2018 at 5:32 am #

    I favor peppermint. It is good in tea to help with colds, or breathing issues. The oil from the plant is good for headaches, sore muscles and opens sinuses. Not to mention that the flavor from this plant is great in mojitos! Fun blog! Thank you all for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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