Acerola Cherry Power!

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is essential to every system in the human body.
It helps to
• reduce inflammation
• maintain healthy immune function
• deter aging
• deter cancer

Vitamin C promotes collagen production in the body. A recent study shows that when consumed Vit C has a powerful effect on collagen production causing it to increase by as much as 8x.* Your ability to produce collagen directly affects the health of your hair, nails, skin, bones, teeth, and joints.
Naturally as you age the amount of collagen your body produces drops dramatically. As collagen production begins to wane is when the skin begins to thin, have less elasticity and grow fine lines.
The consumption of Vit C rich foods helps to boost ones collagen production. Collagen boosts your skins moisture retention and elasticity.

A ripe acerola cherry is one of the most powerful sources of Vit C there is. And a not quite ripe acerola cherry packs double the amount of Vit C over a ripe one. Actually research shows that acerola cherries have 65% more Vit C content than an orange!

We sell Manoa Acerola Cherry trees here at the nursery. Acerola has a tendency to grow like a multi-trunked bush, but, it can be pruned into a lovely bush tree. When an acerola tree is happy it produces cherries multiple times a year.

So start growing and eating your very own Acerola Cherries and your body will love you for it!!

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Written by Karen, our medicinal plant guru.

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