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Kauai Seascapes Nursery- A Father’s Day Tribute

After working here for over 2 years, I was curious to get to know the man who started this incredible place through the eyes of his family and employees.  I thought our June newsletter would be the perfect time to share what I found, as well as a little history about the wonderland that is […]

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Hardscaping: Employee Spotlight

What is hardscaping?  Hardscaping is incorporating man-made features in landscape architecture.  Paths, walls, etc.  We more often than not incorporate some sort of hardscaping in each of our design projects.  As you saw in the newsletter, we recently added an attractive feature to display our collection of bromeliads here at the nursery. We were lucky […]

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Sealing Wax2

Kauai Seascapes Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If you are like me, sometimes you need the power of suggestion to recognize the perfect gift for that special person.  So today I inquired of all my co-workers on what they would like to receive and/or gift for Mother’s Day from our nursery.  I was not disappointed!!  These guys all know how to show […]

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Yellow Jasmine (5)

Planting for Spring Blooms

Living in Hawaii we are fortunate to have plants that bloom year round. But, there are plants here that are specific to a season in producing their flowers also. If you like to change up your landscape with a little less work, planting flora with different blooming seasons is one way to do it!  In […]

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Tillandsia Display (11)

Time for Tillandsias

What’s a Tillandsia? Tillandsia is a genus name of 650 species of air plants related to bromeliads. These unique and sometimes prehistoric looking plants do not require soil to thrive. They are often epiphytic, meaning they are found growing on other plants without hurting the other plant. Their natural habitat is the forests, mountains, and […]

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Edible Landscaping for Small Spaces

A lot of people are interested in edible landscaping but get discouraged by their small space, maybe they don’t have enough room for fruit trees or can’t have a compost pile in their neighborhood. Having a small yard can actually be a blessing in disguise for edible landscaping, less space means less work! You can […]

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We “Heart” Anthuriums

Anthuriums are gorgeous, blooming plants that make a great addition to shady landscapes. Native to the tropical rainforests of South America, Anthuriums come in many colors and varieties and work well for both indoor plants and cut flowers. Caring for anthuriums is easy as long as you follow some basic guidelines: ● Anthuriums like a […]

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A young ulu tree in the nest!

Preventing Weed Whacker Plant-icide

We get a lot of care and maintenance questions here at the nursery but one of the most common questions we get is “why did my plant die?” or “I have had this tree in my yard for years and all of a sudden it died! Why?” Nine times out of ten the answer is […]

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