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Jodi Garden Goals

Garden Goals for the New Year

With the hustle and bustle of the Holidays behind us, we can gaze ahead into the New Year. Have you started thinking about some goals you want to accomplish? Most people have New Years resolutions to lose weight, make more money, or learn a new skill. How about some Garden Goals? Are you including any […]

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Nov Gift guide wheelbarrow

The Gardeners Gift Guide

Do you have someone in your life who loves to garden? In today’s world, there are a lot more people who enjoy gardening. Gardening has seen a boom in popularity for the past couple of years for reasons I don’t need to mention. Especially here on the Garden Island do we have a growing community of gardeners […]

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11 Spooky Plants for your Fall Garden

We’ve picked out 11 Spooky plants for you to get into the Fall Spirit this year. Forget spending money on all the plastic decorations and grow your own! Nature is full of plants with creepy colors, twisting vines, and spiky stems. There’s carnivorous plants which devour whole insects or are viciously aggressive towards other plants! […]

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The Secret to Growing Stunning Succulents

You love succulents. You want to grow them. Maybe you already do. You’re ready to have stunning succulents and show them to all of your friends. Well, we have the secret to growing stunning succulents! Actually, Margie does. We sat down with Margie Funk who dotes on the succulents at Seascapes Nursery and she spilled […]

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Plant a Back to School Garden with your Children!

It’s that time again! Children are heading back to school and our lives are getting back into a routine. A healthy project you may want to incorporate into your daily life is caring for a garden. Do you have one or would you like to start one? Gardening offers children opportunities to get outdoors and […]

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Melissa and Jackson

Bee Responsible; Protect Our Pollinators

Pollinators need our protection. Did you know that pollinators such as Bees and Butterflies are needed for 90% of the reproduction of flowering plants on earth and 1/3 of human food crops? 1/3!!! All of our favorite fruits and vegetables would not be possible without our precious pollinators… just think if there were no Mangoes, […]

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