Melissa and Jackson

Bee Responsible; Protect Our Pollinators

Pollinators need our protection. Did you know that pollinators such as Bees and Butterflies are needed for 90% of the reproduction of flowering plants on earth and 1/3 of human food crops? 1/3!!! All of our favorite fruits and vegetables would not be possible without our precious pollinators… just think if there were no Mangoes, […]

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Sleeping Plants

By Holly In Hawaii, we don’t commonly see plants going dormant like maples, oaks, or birch trees do in the mainland. Quite on the contrary, things tend to grow out of control if we’re not rigorous about maintenance. However, there are some winter dormant plants that can bring you into a whole new world with […]

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Steps YOU Can Take to Prevent Rapid Ohia Death

By Eden A disease known as Rapid ‘Ōhi‘a Death (ROD) is killing ‘ōhi’a, one of Hawaii’s most important and abundant endemic trees. First detected on Hawai‘i Island more than four years ago, the disease has impacted more than 175,000 acres of ‘ōhi‘a forest on the largest of Hawai‘i’s islands. More than a million trees are […]

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Meet Eden!

We have someone special we would like you to meet! She is our new marketing coordinator and landscape design associate. I asked Eden to tell us a little about herself here… Where are you from? I’m originally from Dana Point, California but spent 11 years in Oregon. What brought you to Kaua’i? I came to […]

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Two Avocado Pests to Look Out For

Written by Alli Vincent, Nursery IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Specialist As many of our customers know, we strive to meet the demand that our island community has for plants that we do not actively propagate, and we work closely with nurseries on other islands to source these plants. Inter-island shipments are inspected on both ends […]

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