Alahe’e – Hawaiian Mock Orange

Psydrax odoratum

Height: 20-30 feet, rarely 50 feet
Spread: 10 feet, rarely 20 feet
Light: full sun to part sun
Water: dry to medium with well-draining soil. Drought tolerant.
Landscape uses: As an accent plant in the landscape, provide shade, as a screen. Fragrant flowers. Often planted as a hedge in place of mock orange.
Plant type, family and origin: A tree in the Rubiaceae family native to Hawaii.

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Indigenous; Full sun and or partial shade and requires minimal watering once plant is established in the ground; A large tree (20-30 ft.) with glossy green leaves and small, white, highly fragrant flower clusters. As the tree grows, it has a radially symmetric growth pattern to it, somewhat like a Christmas Tree.

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