How to Make a Tropical Flower Arrangement

Tropical Flower Arrangement

Looking for an elegant and simple way to freshen up your home? Invite summers bountiful, tropical flowers inside. Tropical flowers are in full bloom this summer.  A few thoughtful arrangements placed around your home or office will provide you with your own edenic oasis.

We are fortunate to live in Hawaii where flowers of every color of the rainbow grow with ease. Unique shapes and textures take the stage when made into arrangements. Add a few to your home to delight your senses and lift your mood.

Here I’ll show you step by step how to create a simple and elegant, arrangement that will last and last.

Step 1) Grow Tropical Flowers!

These plants are a no-brainer here in Hawaii with our warm sun and lush rain.  Low maintenance and easy to grow, they will provide you with years of  free materials. Don’t have any? Kauai Seascapes Nursery, Inc. has a wide selection of tropical flower plants for sale.

Step 2) Gather your tools.

Sharp shears, a knife, or scissors will work fine, just be sure that they are sharp. This way it’ll be easier to cut the flowers and an even cut will allow water to enter the stems more fluidly. This will make your arrangement last longer.

Harvesting Tropical Flowers

Step 3) Choose your colors and harvest your flowers.

If there is a certain color scheme you’d like to display now’s a good time to figure it out. Don’t forget to add some greens, and filler foliage. Cut stems long enough so that you can adjust it to the proper height later.

before removing excess foliage

Tropical flowers before removing excess foliage.

After removing the excess foliage

After removing the excess foliage

trimming the flowers for an arrangement

Trimming off extra leaves

Step 4) Begin with the end in mind.

Have a shape of the arrangement you’ll want to make in mind. The most common shapes are a pyramid or ball shape. Create a front and back side with flowers facing the front. You can also create an arrangement where the ‘front’ is on every side for a multidimensional arrangement.

Step 5) Arrange your flowers!

  • Fill up your vase 2/3 full of water and add some plant food. No need to go to the store, when you can add 2 Tablespoons each of Apple Cider Vinegar and sugar to feed the plants and keep the water clean.  Sugar and vodka is another alternative.
  • Remove the lower foliage that would be under the water in the vase.
  • Use the largest flower in the middle or the back of the arrangment.
  • Integrate one flower at a time. Don’t bunch them all in one place, try to spread them out to avoid it looking overcrowded.
  • Fill up the holes with some greens. I like to use ferns or fronds. Make sure they don’t stick out but come right to where the shape of your flowers end.
making a tropical flower arrangement

The arrangement starts to take shape!

Step 6) Caring for your arrangement.

Check the water levels in the vase every couple of days. If its low add water and if its cloudy change it out. Remove any dead or dying flowers and swap them out with fresh ones.

Step 7) Enjoy the beauty!

Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. As long as you enjoy it and have fun with it; it will be perfect for you!

The finished tropical flower arrangement

The finished tropical flower arrangement

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