Kauai Seascapes Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If you are like me, sometimes you need the power of suggestion to recognize the perfect gift for that special person.  So today I inquired of all my co-workers on what they would like to receive and/or gift for Mother’s Day from our nursery.  I was not disappointed!!  These guys all know how to show their mothers how much they are loved by putting a great deal of thought and consideration into their picks.  Without further delay, read on for Kauai Seascapes Mother’s Day Gift picks!



Somer would love to gift a Magnolia Tree- she loves how large and attractive the flowers are, the fragrance they emit, and how the pollinators frequent the blooms.  Magnolia grandiflora can grow to be over 60 feet tall and 40 feet wide at maturity.   They grow at a slow to medium rate with height increases of anywhere from less than 12″ to 24″ per year so it is definitely a long-lived gift to enjoy!  They enjoy full sun to partial shade and will attract those much needed pollinators to your yard without fail.  





Zoli would like to gift one of our varieties of Sunrosa Dwarf Roses in a decorative ceramic pot.  The Sunrosa Dwarf Roses are excellent container and bed plants as they will stay between 1.5 and 2 feet tall and wide once fully mature.  They are also highly disease resistant once established and low maintenance.  They are sun-loving but can handle partial shade.  The hardest decision to make is- what color?!  We have them in red, pink, yellow, and orange.  Maybe one of each?!  Zoli says, “Why give a dozen cut roses when you could give her a rose to enjoy for years to come?”  Good thinking, Zoli.






Aimee Gardenia

Roxanne’s first choice would have been a rose as well, but a close 2nd choice for her is the Aimee Gardenia.  If you have been reading our newsletter, you are already familiar with this beauty!  Sun-loving, fragrant, and the largest of all gardenia blooms.  Why does Roxanne love it? Because the bloom looks like a rose of course!



Silver Dollar Maidenhair Fern

This one would be fern-loving Holly’s pick.  We just recently potted these little guys so it hard to see the appeal just yet, but once grown these are going to be some highly attractive ferns!  Holly is a fan of them for their lacy appearance and silver-dollar-sized leaflets.  The new leafs also have a very pretty rosy, sunset color to them.  Adiantum peruvianum is also known as Peruvian Maidenhair and is a good choice for an indoor or shade plant.  If you have a mom who enjoys house plants, keep this one in mind!






Serina would be happy to receive a colorful anthurium in a decorative pot- an instantly pretty, low-maintenance houseplant that will still have colorful flowers in 3-4+ months with no care other than watering.  For a refresh of anthurium care, visit our previous blog:  https://kauaiseascapesnursery.com/we-heart-anthuriums/  .







Peace Lily

Spathiphyllums  or Peace Lilies are a favorite of Seascapes employee, Adrian and that would be her wish to have on Mother’s Day.  She adores these plants as they are wonderful indoor plants that frequently bloom and are low-maintenance whether in containers or planted in shady areas.




Lady of the Night

Brunsfelsia gigantea, is a plant that Karen would enjoy gifting or receiving.  Lady of the Night is a fragrant shrub with creamy-white, 2″ flowers that emit an intoxicating fragrance that intensifies at night. The foliage is a glossy green and the plant has an upright to arching growth pattern making it a good option for hanging baskets. Although slow-growing, it will bloom within a year from a young plant. Lady of the Night is an excellent potted plant and it’s almost a constant bloomer when grown in good light.  Karen has recently added this plant to some of our hanging baskets!




What would Mother’s Day be without a spectacular orchid as an option?  This is Joni’s pick as she would enjoy receiving an orchid as they are long-lasting and there is such a variety available.  Joni also mentioned that her orchid would look best in an ornamental pot. 😉  (We hope Joni’s children are reading this.)






Hanging Basket

Nursery Manager Jody has been admiring our hanging baskets and that would be her choice of Mother’s Day gift to receive this year.  We do have baskets already planted for sale, but you can also get creative with this option and make your own by selecting from our variety of bedding plants or even veggie starts!





We recently potted a variety of Lavendar, Lavandula pinnata, or Fernleaf Lavendar.  Although not quite ready to sell, this is another to keep in mind for a future gift.  Sam chose lavender for the feminine fragrance it emits.  This variety of lavender will reach 3 feet tall before flowers will emerge.  Fortunately it is fast-growing, preferring full to partial sun and regular watering.  Stay tuned as these guys grow up!






Sealing Wax Palm

New-comer, Mike, knows how to spoil his Mother!  He chose a Sealing Wax Palm (some know it as a Lipstick Palm).  Cyrtostachys renda is a frequently sought after palm here at the nursery.  With it’s scarlet-colored crownshaft it is a stand-out specimen in any yard.  Sealing Wax Palms are very slow-growing and like lots of water.  In fact, you may recall reading about it as a recommended plant for that soggy part of your yard https://kauaiseascapesnursery.com/top-5-plants-soggy-spot-yard/.







Beautiful HibiscusUltimately, my personal pick to gift my mother is a hibiscus.  Of course, I was unable to choose which color of hibiscus as I am a bit of a collector when it comes to hibiscus, but there is a color or a variety for everyone out there!  We have native hibiscus, including the Hawaii State Flower Mao Hau Hele, and over twenty different colors of doubles, singles, and hybrids to consider.




We hope that one or more of these recommendations has inspired you to gift your Mother with a live and lasting gift!


This blog was written by Dana, Kauai Seascapes Employee.




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