Meet Eden!

We have someone special we would like you to meet! She is our new marketing coordinator and landscape design associate. I asked Eden to tell us a little about herself here…

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Dana Point, California but spent 11 years in Oregon.

What brought you to Kaua’i?

I came to Kaua’i to study massage at the Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork. I had always dreamt of going to that school and finally saved up enough money to go. I fell in love with the plants and community here and haven’t had any desire to go back.

What is your background with plants and design?

During college, I completed a study abroad program in Costa Rica focusing on Tropical Conservation Biology and that is where my love of plants really blossomed. After that, I added a second major of Environmental Studies along with Architecture, taking courses in botany, ethnobotany and ecology. After a short-lived career in architecture, I realized my true passion was working with plants, so I got a job at a famous plant nursery in Portland, Oregon called Cistus Nursery. Since then I’ve worked for landscape architects doing design work and have had multiple gardens of my own. My love of plants has taken me all around the world, volunteering on permaculture farms to working in apiaries to backpacking in remote ecosystems to learn more about the ecology and conservation efforts.

What have been your favorite projects around the nursery?

My favorite projects around the nursery have been splitting and transplanting Cardamom roots, harvesting Uki Uki seeds and giving plants new homes so they can thrive. I’m most interested in the edible and native selection of plants.
What is your favorite aspect of designing with plants or design overall?

My favorite aspect of designing with plants is the element of change and connection to the cycles of nature. I love watching a project evolve over time and grow with the owner.

Current favorite plant? Or past favorite?

I have sooo many but my current favorite plant is the Blue Jade vine, it’s so incredibly stunning and it’s the first time I’ve seen it in flower. Some long time favorites are Feijoa sellowiana (Pineapple Guava), most plants in the Euphorbiaciae family and the Aristolochiaciae family, specifically Dutchman’s pipe or Asarum caudatum.

Here she is, appreciating some botanical wonders!

Harvesting Chanterelle Mushrooms Near Mount Hood, Oregon

At the Bronx Botanical Garden In NEw York

Here at the nursery, in front of the hibiscus mound!

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