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“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

Kauai Seascapes Nursery has always stood out, not only as a provider of high quality plants, but also of high quality people. The friendly and knowledgable individuals that make up the staff at Kauai Seascapes Nursery are an exceptional bunch. Would you like to know who they are?



Serina manages all aspects of the nursery. She takes care of everything administrative and does it with a smile. Her tender toned voice and kind nature wins her the praise of her employees. They sense her genuine concern for their welfare and respect how she organizes the nursery.

“Life happens when you’re busy making other plans,” is one of her favorite mottos. She never anticipated the move back to Kauai, nor the responsibility of managing the family business. But when her father died 5 years ago she moved back to help her mom and the business continue. She is so happy she did and is even more overjoyed to be raising her son on the same island she called home as a child. She remembers building forts with her sister amongst all the plants when her parents were just starting the business.

Potting and propagating plants are some of her favorite activities, although she admits she hasn’t had the pleasure of doing that in awhile. Her new favorite pursuit has been looking for new and exotic plants to bring in that may not be growing here yet but that would be a healthy and non invasive addition to our local landscape.


Stephen “Steve”

Originally from the Seattle, Washington area, Steve met Serina on a skiing trip in Portland. His group of friends met her group of friends, he got a phone number and the rest is history. He moved back to Kauai 4½ years ago with Serina. They’ve since been married, have a sweet baby boy and are taking care of business.

With a background in engineering he takes pride in being able to fix whatever breaks. He also works with the landscaping crew with design, installations, and irrigation. He really enjoys mental mapping and designing the landscape to make it beautiful and then getting his hands dirty and making the dream come to life.

“The best thing,” he says, “is giving our clients something that will last. Like with carpentry, when you’re done with a job it’s really only going to go downhill from there. But with landscaping, its only going to get better. Having happy clients… that’s the best thing.”



Adrian left the large oak trees of Maryland for the large palm trees of Kauai 23 years ago. For 15 of those 23 years she’s been working at the nursery! She loves working for the Roushes and claims they are some of the kindest, most clear headed people she knows.

“The work here is never tedious,” she says. “There is a huge variety of things to do with 5 acres of every plant imaginable.” When people come in she loves to hear them say, “boy is it beautiful here!” You can find her digging in the dirt pile, potting big plants, organizing, and waiting on the customers. “I love the customers.”


Maya was born in Japan and grew up in Israel. She studied Environmental Science and Anthropology for 5 years in South Africa.  Maya has a certificate in Permaculture and she wanted to work here at the nursery as she is interested in learning more about edible landscaping and organic gardening. Her favorite job duty is going out to the job sites for landscaping projects and seeing the progress from start to finish. Outside of work, Maya spends a lot of time surfing.  Say hello to hard-working, well-traveled Maya on your next visit to the nursery!


Holly came to Seascapes with a wealth of experience from working at different Botanical Gardens across the state. She landed at Seascapes because she loves the quality of the plants and people here.

You’ll find her up at the front helping in the sales department. Holly is excited to meet and greet you!



Jodi has been dubbed the “task master.”

“I do whatever needs to be done,” she says, “and would never ask anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do myself.”  Originally from Ontario, Canada, Jodi has always had a passion for horticulture and agriculture. No wonder she landed herself on the Garden Island over 8 years ago. She quickly found herself at home at the nursery and with the Roush family. “Our crew here is amazing, I love them.”

With priorities changing at the nursery everyday, Jodi works to keep her eyes open and helps keep things running smoothly. When she’s got a spare moment you’ll find her at the plant propagation table.



This globe trotter settled on Kauai 20 years ago. Up until that time she lived in different locations in Europe and Asia. Raising her family on Kauai was her inspiration for settling here.

Karen has an affinity for plants. She carries with her an extensive knowledge of their healing properties. She was even a guest writer on our past blog post, Medicinal Plants You Can Grow and Use At Home.

She loves working with the “awesome plants” at the nursery, loves working for Serina and Steve, and claims that other nurseries “just can’t compare.” If you stop by you will find her potting, weeding, or pruning.



Originally from Michigan, Roxanne visited 30 other states until she figured out that Hawaii was the best. She moved here only a month and a half after Hurricane Iniki hit in 1992. She finally found a great job in the summer of 2008 and was hired by Steve Roush at Seascapes.

Roxanne loves being outside and working with an easy going, laid back crew. Serina is the “best boss” she’s ever had, ever.

Roxannes favorite thing to do? Drive the Kubota.



Originally from far, far away in Columbus Ohio, Spencer found himself on Kauai thanks to his Uncle. His Uncle needed help with landscape maintenance at Common Ground and 2 other properties. Answering his request was a “no brainer” and Spencer got on a plane as soon as he could.

He found his way to Seascapes a few months ago and it has been a great experience ever since. “Working here has really shone me how much I love this work, how much I love being outside.” Having grown up on a farm it’s no surprise that he loves getting in the ground and messing in the dirt.

He’s been enjoying learning about a new culture through working with the plants and eating them too! “I’m in love with my job.”



This born and raised Kauai girl has been at Seascapes for almost a year now. She loves working here because it gives her an opportunity to learn about all the different plants. She especially loves air layering plants and grafting trees. Potting up edibles and bringing in more edibles like fruit trees and perennial veggies is also fun for her.

Being outside everyday is a huge plus for Zoli. The work atmosphere she finds herself in gives her a peaceful easy feeling. A John Muir quote on her favorite work shirt describes it perfectly. “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

Mary and Cooper

A quick note from Mary Roush (the woman who helped start it all)

“Kauai Seascapes was started in ’92 by my late husband Steve Roush. In 2011, Serina and I decided to continue with his vision of the business. I believe our ongoing success is a direct result of Serina and Steve’s business management skills as well as our awesome, hard working and knowledgable crew! Our staff keep our plants healthy, beautiful and outstanding!”

We hope you enjoyed learning about our amazing team. Be sure to stop by the nursery and meet them in person! A Hui Ho!


4 Responses to Meet The Team

  1. Sue December 20, 2015 at 11:16 pm #

    What a wonderful group of individuals. I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian just a few nights ago at the Hospice candle lighting ceremony at Wai’oli Church. She told me she was there to honor the memory of Steve Roush, the creator of the nursery.
    It’s a lovely nursery with all these dedicated employees doing what they enjoy!
    Thank you for the fantastic article !
    Sue B, Kilauea

  2. Anahita Azar December 21, 2015 at 8:33 am #

    Awesome team! Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a joyful holidays.

  3. Diane December 21, 2015 at 12:07 pm #

    Great team! We miss all your happy faces. Merry Christmas!
    Don and Diane, Princeville

  4. Marcia King December 21, 2015 at 1:26 pm #

    Thank you for telling us some special things about your staff! I have felt so happy every time I come to the nursery since you forged full steam ahead! I can see and feel Steve (Roush)’s presence every time I come there, through Serina’s fresh vision and the staff’s ability to make it happen. You are doing an awesome job and Steve would be very proud and SHOCKED that you never missed a beat…..Happy Holidays to all of you and thank you for what you do!…..see you in the plants! Marcia King

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