Longan Trees


Longans are usually eaten fresh but are also dried, canned, or made into delicious dessert sauces and sorbets. It is a delicious, juicy fruit with a very sweet flavor, and a single seed. It is a large spreading tree which is easily managed with annual pruning. It produces best below 2000’.

Longan Trees For Sale

  • Biew Kiew

    A popular commercial variety. It has large sweet fruit, bears well and has a good shelf life.

  • Sri Champoo

    Another recommended variety. It has large beautiful, sweet fruit, but not the shelf life of the ‘Biew Kiew’.

Longan Tree Planting & Care

Longan trees require spacing of 25 feet or more, good drainage, and slightly alkaline soil. They thrive with organic fertilizers and mulching.

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