Mango Trees


Kauai Seascapes Nursery has many varieties of mango trees for sale. Different types of mango trees produce fruit at various times of the year. By planting the right mix of mango tree varieties you may harvest mangoes May – October.

Mango Trees For Sale

  • Ah Ping

    New offering from Plant It Hawaii. Medium heart shaped fruit that is red when ripe, with yellow mild creamy finish, little fiber, and a thin seed. Medium sized tree. Bears fruit in June. Anthracnose resistant.

  • Brook’s Late

    A Florida selection that bears from August into October. Trees are medium sized and vigorous. Fruit size ranges between 16-30 ounces. Flesh is sweet and mild, with a thin seed and green skin when ripe. It can be grown successfully on the windward areas of the islands.

  • Carrie

    A Florida selection that regularly fruits in June and July. The fruits are fibreless, sweet and spicy with a thin seed. The skin is golden yellow, fruits weigh between 10-16 ounces. It is resistant to anthracnose and tree growth is dense and compact.

  • Fairchild

    A Florida selection that fruits in June and July. Fruit size is 6-8 ounces; the flesh is juicy, low in fiber, sweet and rich. Trees are upright; medium sized and can be planted in wet areas; it is anthracnose tolerant. Yellow skinned.

  • Florigan

    A large, vigorous grower with yellow fruits of excellent flavor. The yellow melting flesh is juicy and fibreless. It bears 10-16 ounce fruits annually between May and July. It is anthracnose resistant.

  • Glenn

    A ‘Haden’ seedling selection from Florida, it is a small to medium size tree that regularly bears 16 ounce, low fiber, spicy, rich flavored fruits. Season is from May-July and it is resistant to anthracnose.

  • Keitt

    An excellent quality, regular and abundant bearer of large fruit 2-4 pounds each. Trees grow vigorously to medium size. Harvest is from August to October. The flesh is sweet with low fiber, and a thin seed. It is anthracnose resistant and the fruit has a long shelf life. Skin is green with a purple or red blush.

  • Momi K

    New offering from Plant It Hawaii. Elogated medium-large sized heart shaped fruit that is red/yellow when ripe. Fruit is sweet, with a small seed and no fiber. Medium sized tree. Bears fruit in July/August. Anthracnose resistant.

  • Nam Doc Mai

    A Thailand variety that fruits in June and July. Fruit is slender with a somewhat thick, greenish-yellow skin. The flesh is fibreless, very sweet and juicy. It can be eaten when green and tends to flower more than once a year. In Hawaii it is an alternate bearer like ‘Haden’ and ‘Pirie’. It is also anthracnose resistant and can be planted in wetter areas.

  • Rapoza

    A fabulous Hawaii selection is medium sized, vigorous, heavy producing tree with excellent fruit quality that range between 15-30 ounces. The ripe skin is yellow with a red or purple blush. The fruit is thin seeded, fibreless and is borne annually in July and August. Moderate anthracnose resistance.

* Mango tree info courtesy of Plant It Hawaii

Mango Tree Planting & Care

Mangoes require spacing of 25 feet or more, good drainage, and slightly alkaline soil. They thrive with organic fertilizers and mulching.

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