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Easy DIY Orchid Mounting

Orchids, orchids, everywhere! Living in tropical climates, like Hawaii, grants us the luxury of moving our flowery friends outdoors. There may be a point in your orchid obsession where every table, windowsill and shelf in your home is filled with these special plants. If you find yourself with limited “real estate” for the new orchids […]

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Somer with Orchids

Falling In Love With Orchids

There is an undeniable charm within the vast and diverse family of orchids. Each genus offering its own unique and brilliant beauty. If you are new to the world of orchids a great place to begin is with the delightful Phalaenopsis. With low light and warm environment requirements, these special wonders are one of the […]

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5 Plants That Make Great Holiday Gifts

With Thanksgiving past and decorations sprouting everywhere, it’s safe to say that the holiday season is upon us. With this come parties, good cheer, and gift giving. If you’re looking to give a special gift this year, then one of the plants below could be the perfect thing (because really, no one wants another fruit cake […]

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