We “Heart” Anthuriums

Anthuriums are gorgeous, blooming plants that make a great addition to shady landscapes. Native to the tropical rainforests of South America, Anthuriums come in many colors and varieties and work well for both indoor plants and cut flowers. Caring for anthuriums is easy as long as you follow some basic guidelines:

● Anthuriums like a temperature range between 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level between 80-100% so Hawaii is a great climate for them. However they may not be happy inside an air conditioned space.

● Anthuriums don’t like direct sun but they do need a fair amount of indirect light in order to grow and bloom. If the edges of the leaves and blooms are bleaching out and getting crispy it is in too much sun. The ideal spot is under a taller shrub or tree or on the north facing side of a building.

Anthuriums like a lot of water but they don’t like to be standing in water so make sure your soil has good drainage. Adding lava rock cinders to your pot or to the soil when planting is a good way to ensure proper drainage.

● Anthuriums can grow as “air plants” up in trees or in hanging planters. Exposure of air to the roots is important for the health of Anthuriums.

Daily watering is good for Anthuriums. As long as there is proper drainage and good air circulation it is almost impossible to overwater them. At the very least, Anthuriums should get rain or water 2-3 times a week.

● Anthuriums should be fertilized 1-2 times a year. Be careful not to over fertilize them. The best fertilizer is a slow release 5-10-5 that will ensure a good balance between foliage and blooms. Use about a quarter of the amount the label recommends.

We hope you find these guidelines helpful in your anthurium pursuits! Come by the nursery and check out our selection of both blooming and rare foliage anthuriums!  Mini-anthuriums, too!




This article was written by Zoli, Senior Sales Associate and Landscape Designer at Seascapes Nursery.

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