3″ pot $3.50-$5.50                                                  5 gallon $55.00-$75.00

6″ pot $8.00-$20.00                                                7 gallon $55.00-$150.00

1 gallon $10.00-$25.00                                          15 gallon $150.00+

2 gallon $25.00+                                                     25 gallon $300.00+

3 gallon $35.00+                                                     45 gallon $450.00+

**We have standard, premium, and ultra-premium pricing in each available size depending on the type of plant.  Pricing of plants determined by rate-of-growth and ease of propagation.

Fruit Trees

Grow your own fruits right here on Kauai. Check out our selection of fruit trees for sale then come and pick up a few to plant in your yard!

Vegetable & Herb Seedlings

Vegetagle Seedlings
Our vegetable and herb seedlings are grown from organic seeds in a sterile soil mix including biochar, black cinders, and spirulina. These seedlings are raised in the full sun and steady sea breeze of northeast Kauai.


Kauai Seascapes Nursery is very pleased to offer many different varieties and genus of orchids for sale. All of our orchids are professionally grown and sold fully flowering.

Native Hawaiian Plants

We carry a diverse of array of Native Hawaiian plants. See what we currently have available (or we are growing and will have available soon):

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